Full Sail University Final Project

My team and I finished our final project with great success this past September.  After spending four months and countless man-hours developing this game from the ground up, we are very proud of not only the game, but of all of the incredible lessons that came with building it and working in a team to do so.

The concept of the game is to navigate your way throughout each level that is blacked out.  The player has the ability to shoot out a projectile that will pulse out and reveal the surrounding area on impact.  As the player navigates throughout the levels, they are met with environmental challenges and puzzles that keep them on their toes as they find their way to the end of each level.  The game uses a simple color scheme to help the player navigate as well as know which objects are dangerous, healthy, or what can be interacted with.

My responsibilities to this project led me to being Director as well as Lead Programmer.

As Director I was responsible for ensuring the flow and pacing of the game.  I was the main point of contact for the entire team in regards to visual style and gameplay mechanics as well as level design.  I worked within the team to implement mechanics and design changes.

As Lead Programmer I was responsible for scripting anything necessary for the team ranging from mechanics to in-game assets using UnrealScript.  Our game required 190 different script files to complete and it was my responsibility to ensure they were not only scripted, but also free from any bugs.

Here is a script example of a weapon I created that implements one of our game mechanics which allow the player to take a red zone and swap its position in the world with a green zone or vice versa.  The weapon takes whatever the projectile hit currently and compares it to what was previously hit and performs the swap.  Swap Tool Script

Check out some screenshots of the game in its final iteration.


The pulse is fired out and lands on the ground revealing the area of effect in front of the player.



After pulsing the player can see the world around him. White outlines signify the general world and objects around him. Red signifies danger.



Here we see the player having to ensure they stay alive by avoiding the red blocks and staying on the green blocks.



The player has to use his surroundings to stay alive while navigating towards the end of the level. Moving platforms here keep the player above the dangerous red zones.



Early tutorial level showcasing the visual style of our game.



Example of an area lit up and outlined by the player firing out his pulse throughout the area.



As well as red and green, the player is introduced to blue objects which can all be interacted with to help serve them in navigating throughout the levels. Here we see a blue switch and blocks that can be manipulated to serve the players needs.


Level2 PIllars

Gameplay from the player while interacting with blue pillars to create a safe path across dangerous red zones.

Please feel free to check out the postmortem that my team and I did where we discuss our highs and lows of the project while I also play the game with commentary.  Also feel free to contact me if you wish to have an executable of the project to play for yourself.  Thanks!




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